I am guiding you on the path of holistique yoga by adapting the practice to the different phases of your menstrual cycles, and to the differents trimesters of your pregnancy.

We will work on the physical and emotional body part, very stimulated during these moments of life.

To better understand

I offer holistic, tailor-made support that I adapt to your needs. The common core of each accompaniment is Yoga, a philosophy of life that I supplement if necessary with dietetics, Ayurveda, EFT (acupressure technique that helps regulate the emotional system) and certain tools which can be used on a daily basis to reduce your stress or restore your lifestyle.
Accompaniment is Yoga
Additional techniques
Self-acupressure technique

Nice to meet you,

I am Clara LEGLISE holistic guide, yoga teacher and I gather my knowledge around 4 themes to accompany you in your life as a woman.

Menstrual cycles
Emotions, stress, anxiety
Lifestyle, routine

I live in Kerala in southern India, holistic approaches are numerous and very present in the daily lives of Indians because treatment is expensive but taking care of your health is still possible, so you might as well get started!

If today, I have chosen to accompany women, it is first of all because I am one.
And my state of health has taken up so much space in my life that everything I have been led to learn seems to me to be an important thing to share with all those who feel concerned.

All this path of observation and understanding, can take time, if you are not particularly interested in the subjects of health and prevention, you may tend to put your ailments aside and quickly lose energy.

This is exactly why I created the individual accompaniments!

Following our exchanges and only when you feel ready, it is together that we take the time to look at what is happening to you.

I set up a benevolent framework to accompany you in your daily life while respecting your rhythm and your problems.

Finally, since September 2022, on all listening platforms, you have access to my podcast “Bulle de Femme”.

I share information, thoughts, guidance, but also testimonials and talk to you about subjects that we sometimes tend to put aside when they are important.

Welcome to my Bubble

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I offer you personalized support

I accompany you on the path of yoga by adapting the practice to your level and your needs.

I'm listening to you

Together let’s discover what your deep needs are to help you in your personal development.

I offer you a complementary holistic approach

Through dietetics, Ayurveda, EFT, but also writing, meditations and breathing.

Kerala region, India

PLat Indien


What people saying about
  • “During the support with Clara, I was able to identify with her the different issues we faced. I felt safe throughout our exchanges, the speaking space was always respected and caring. As for the practice, I have never had such a beautiful yoga session. And the breathing exercises and meditation were always centered on the needs of the moment, while following the common thread of our work. Clara helped me a lot, and today I have tools that I can use at any time, which also helped me a lot afterwards. I warmly thank Clara for her generosity, her calm and her sincerity. I have full confidence in her and I am grateful to have been able to share these moments with her.

    Holistic support
  • Clara was one of my teachers during my RYT200 in India.

    She is very gentle and listens to her students. Today in the classes I give in Hatha Yoga, a large part comes from what I learned with her.

    It is obvious that Clara inspired me and made me want to go further in learning yoga, but not only asanas.

    I recommend it to you with my eyes closed.

    Yoga Teacher Training
  • Thank you for this yoga session (fight against stress). A session that is both dynamic and calming. A lot of pedagogy and attention to the rhythm and abilities of each.
    Be well insured for the rest of the day.

    I encourage you to experience it.

    Yoga session
  • Regular solo practitioner, I remember Clara’s sessions, enriching my sequences with her precious advice and her practice. Respectful of everyone, she knows how to adapt her lessons with gentleness and pedagogy.

    Hoping to see you again soon, Clara.

    Yoga session
  • Clara is extremely gentle, her voice and her presence are soothing !
    She offers courses adapted to each one to soothe our ailments.

    Holistic support
  • A great first for me!
    I was looking for a connection with my baby and a relaxing activity in these prenatal yoga classes.
    I loved it!
    Clara explained me well how the class was going to be, it was complete: material at disposal, breathing, stretching, posture, relaxation.
    A moment for me and my baby with a professional person who inspires empathy and sympathy.
    Thank you for these moments.

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Let's discuss your needs together

Want more information on holistic yoga practices ? I invite you to write to me so that we can discuss it together. You can also benefit from a free 30 min video call :) WhatsApp number: +91 96 33 12 26 14
  • Whats app number : +91 96 33 12 26 14
  • bulledeclara@gmail.com