Pregnancy is a life changing event in a woman’s life.

A mixture of excitement, deep questioning and still unknown sensation.

The body is changing, the changes are numerous, and the hormones “full power” some women live it very well, others much less.

This process leads us to tame our changing body from week to week, during but also after pregnancy.

Respecting the baby’s stage of development is fundamental, it is important to protect it from any external aggressions that you may suffer.

In addition, your female body does not have the same physical needs at two or 6 months of pregnancy. A pregnancy tires you faster than usual and it is important to recharge your batteries regularly, in order to preserve your energies and your emotional system. In this specific case, the practice of yoga Nidra can help you recover from missing hours of sleep or from an anxious and agitated mind.

I help you support and strengthen your body, as well as let go to return to your essentials.


How does it happen ?

During this support we will discuss what you need, I will guide you through a Yoga practice that respects your trimesters as well as your emotional and energetic state.


The idea is to accompany you in your own bubble, the one that brings you peace, confidence and consciously binds you with baby.


In the first trimester, inconveniences (such as nausea, insomnia, etc.) and risks of embryo loss must be taken into account. It is therefore important not to put your pregnancy in danger through all physical practices. We work on breathing, recovery as well as some gentle stretching.


In the second trimester, the round shape of the belly appears, the nausea-type inconvenience decreases, although it may also appear in the second trimester because all women experience their pregnancy differently. It is good to connect with baby and the sensations, as well as to gradually prepare the body for the increased weight of the baby by strengthening the lower part of the body and the opening of the hips.


Last trimester the weight gain is felt, the baby’s movements are more and more important and the day of delivery is approaching. Here the practice will be softer, we will work on the breath and the openings of the hips, as well as on deep relaxation.


*If you are used to practicing yoga you will see that certain postures are not recommended for safety reasons of your health and that of your baby.


The mantras (repetitive songs) will be there as well as other holistic tools that I will offer you according to our exchanges and your current needs.

Yoga Nidra50%
Hatha yoga50%