Routine of life


Routine of life

Your routine influences your perception of life, as well as your energy and state of health. A routine  that is not adapted to your needs can have serious long-term consequences. 

Ayurveda allows us to better understand the notion of physical, psychic and spiritual balance and  imbalance. It is an ancestral Indian medicine which is based on the idea that every element existing in the universe is found in every living being. 

This science has been proven for more than 5000 years, originating in the Indus Valley in  northwestern India, Chinese medicine also draws its sources from the sacred Vedic texts. In 2022, 

Across India, there are as many allopathic as Ayurvedic hospitals. 

Preventive, it takes into consideration the individual as a whole, to preserve his state of health.  When there is a symptom, she is first interested in the cause of it.

Routine of life

How does it happen ?

In this support I will help you better understand your problem while considering the vision of Ayurveda and Western dietetics.


We take everything from the beginning by telling me about your typical day, for example, what is  your rhythm of life, sleep, your diet, what are your main emotions at the moment. Basically everything related to your daily life! 


On food issues I also complement with my knowledge of dietetics. I explain how to cook  economically, healthily while meeting your basic needs. 


Sometimes you have a lot of emotional work to do, because yes, food is strongly linked to your emotions. If this is the case, I complement the accompaniment of EFT (Auto accupressure  technique for the purpose of regulating your emotional system), meditation and yoga. 


Ayurveda and yoga are closely related. You probably even do Ayurveda without knowing it, most of the time it happens in the kitchen.