Understand your emotions

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Understand your emotions

Better understand emotions, stress and anxiety.

The management of emotions is the idea on which I have always had trouble adhering because for me emotions are not managed, they are lived.

Only when they take up a lot of space or put us in complex or unwanted situations, do we learn to better understand them.

Behind our emotions hide our needs, it is important to identify our needs to better understand our emotions and our reactions.

In the West more generally we are much in the head and much less in the body. Also more in doing than in being, one not being better than the other, we need a happy medium.

Since stress has many undesirable effects on the human body with increased cortisol production, it is important to understand and learn to self-regulate your nervous system to avoid any future complications.

I help you in the management of these elements.

Understand your emotions

How does it happen ?

During this accompaniment we will use Yoga as a physical and spiritual base as well as holistic
tools adapted to what is happening for you in this precise moment.

We will have moments of discussions, breathing practices, postures helping the regulation of your
nervous and hormonal system, because yes stress, anxiety or the intensity of our emotions can
influence our hormonal system.

The idea is to support you and accompany you towards a benevolent autonomy of understanding
and self-regulation of your emotions.

When we apprehend our emotions, we serve our body, our mind is more serene, we preserve our
energy body, we help those around us and gain self-esteem. The list could go on and on!

We do not all have the same problems, so the formula will adapt to our exchanges and to your own

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