As we know, menstruation is an important part of our lives as women.
The physical, psychological and emotional energy is not negligible and knowing how to take care of all these aspects can aspects can be complex depending on the month.

The variation of hormones in women is much more fluctuating than in men.
energy is impacted and inevitably all these physiological upheavals impact our daily life.
So yes we can feel very emotional from one hour to the next, we laugh, we cry, we are angry… In short!
For many of us, it is difficult to accept these sometimes so sudden fluctuations.
This seems to me an obvious consequence.

Why is this so?
We are in a world that is mostly ruled by men, for whom these problems are
unknown to them. Moreover, in many countries menstruation is a taboo subject that women keep silent about. silence. We can be ashamed of it.
So the emotions in all this are difficult to manage, because most of the time we want our
to understand what we are going through.

Fortunately today women are connecting and reconnecting with each other. Each one has her
to describe what she is going through, but also to share her experiences.
And yes, emotions are at the heart of discussions among all the rest, pain, protection etc..
Solutions to better manage our emotions exist:

  • Observe our rhythm
  • Knowing how to eat correctly according to the phases
  • Understand the lunar cycle to better understand the impact of external energies
  • Use breathing, meditation and yoga for example
  • Preserve and purify our energies
  • Learn to communicate without shame

    And many other things that can be very valuable.