Going to India to heal myself is what happened for me in 2018.
So some people say that I must be really sick to knock on the door of an unknown country and ask for such a service. Unknown country and ask for such a service.

In reality you don’t have to be very sick, or in the worst of the worst to do something. No !
Ayurveda came into my life during my studies of dietetics, studies which for me lost a lot of meaning, because of the studies which for me lost a lot of sense, because of the non consideration of the human in this physical body.

This ancestral Indian medicine considers the individual as a whole, it goes to the roots of the problem while treating the problem while treating the symptoms, it makes us responsible and puts us in front of our truths, much more than much more than what allopathic medicine offers us.

Going to the root of the problem, rather than erasing the symptom “temporarily” was my objective.
Here in India, Ayurveda and English medicine work in the same way. The hospitals and clinics are numerous and according to me as well as some Ayurvedic doctors that I frequent are agree that these medicines are complementary.

In 2018 after returning from my trip, I was no longer interested in the life I had before I left, or at least I felt that I had lost interest.
At least I felt that I had other things to live for before returning to that routine.
Intuition kept banging my head at the idea of spending some time in an Ayurvedic clinic.

1 month of treatments, massages, herbal powders, vegetarian food, coconut water, yoga, meditation and
yoga, meditation, silence, crying, writing …. The beginning of something for
me. The realization of my condition, of all that these years of life have brought me through
The awareness of my capacities, of my relationship to the world, to others and to myself.

Of course nothing changed overnight, when I came out I could see that the process was
process was beginning. But it was exciting, and for me very reassuring.

4 years later I accompany women, I help them to follow their intuition, to take care of themselves, to
understand the message of Ayurveda.

Following your heart is good.